• Wardrobe Query: Rihanna’s Coldplay Paris Concert Kokon to Zai Church Embroidery Print Bodycon

    Layla says, “I saw this picture of Rihanna on Instagram.”

    “Where did she get her dress?”
    Aww, what a pretty pic! Anyway, it was hard to tell from that angle, so I did a bit of digging, and found this pic of Rihanna performing with Coldplay in Paris in the same look:

    And the answer was obvious! The KTZ stands for Kokon to Zai, a UK based brand (I’m a fan). Rihanna’s dress boasts the same church embroidery print found in the brand’s Fall 2012 collection:

    But, unfortunately the brand’s women’s collection is not yet for sale.
    Keep your eyes on www.kokontozai.co.uk for the women’s collection’s online debut.
    In the meantime, Hot! or Hmm…?

    Images: Rihanna’s Instagram


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