Wardrobe Query: Rihanna’s BBC Radio 1 Hackney Weekend Concert Katie Eary T-Shirt

Jack writes, “ Do you think you could tell me where Rihanna got her top from in this picture?”

” It’s from her Radio 1 Big Weekend performance 2012.”
Yep! Rihanna closed out the 2012 BBC Radio 1 Hackney Weekend in London in Nike x Kanye West Air Yeezy II’s, Jonathan Aston fishnet shorts, Mercura NYC sunglasses, a House of Lavande necklace, and a Spring 2012 t-shirt by London based designer Katie Eary:

Her cool designs feature loads of animal and sea motifs, rendered in digital, color infused mastery. Check out a few looks from her Spring 2013 collection:

Dope, right? Kanye West attended Eary’s show last London Fashion Week, which may explain why Rihanna slipped one on of her pieces for her performance.
At any rate, I haven’t been able to find anywhere you can purchase said shirt, though you can check in at KatieEary.co.uk to see when they’ll be selling their wares. My guess is that Rih Rih got hers for Free Free, directly from the designer. If you’re willing to pay up, the tee is now available for £154 (approximately $250) here.
At any rate, it’s a cute shirt, no?

Just for fun, see Rihanna perform a few of her hits here:


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