Wardrobe Query: Leather Jogging Pants for Less

Wardrobe Query-0220- Leather Jogging Pants for Less
Several of you are interested in getting the super popular leather jogging pants look for less!
Stephanie wrote, “I have become increasingly interested in the “leather jogger” tailored pants look. But I know that it’s quite expensive. Do you know of any cheaper dupes/brands?”
lala anthony leather jogging pants Lala-NBA-All-Star-Game
Janet wrote, “I love Beyonce’s Instagram En Noir pants, but can’t afford that price tag!”
Lauren added, “I know the likes of Rihanna and Beyonce etc have been wearing leather tracksuit bottoms for a while but they don’t seem to have filtered through into high street brands.”
01 - Kim Kardashian's Miami Jean-Claude Jitrois Slouch Pocket Leather Pants
“… Do you know of any affordable leather (or pleather-I’m not fussy) tracksuit bottom options? My legs seek their warmth, comfort and marvelousness! Thank you ever so much.”
RIhanna Houndstooth Salvatore Ferragamo Pumps
We actually tackled this query in this Mail Bombs post from early January, but we’ve gotten the question so much since, I decided to dedicate a full post to it!
If you want real leather, expect to splurge ( though, you can find a few options for less than $1,200):

For options less than $1,000, try smaller brands!
Damir Doma has these nappa and coated cotton fleece trousers for $667.
damir doma leather jogging pants
PRSVR, who we wrote about here, has these beauts for $440:
If you truly want to save, faux leather might be your best bet.
Armani Exchange has these faux leather joggers for $118:
armani exchange faux leather jogging pants track pants

And Urban Outfitters has these Sparkle & Fade Faux Leather Pull-On Pants for $59:

Sparkle & Fade Faux Leather Pull-On Pant
Those are about all I was able to uncover. If you’ve found any gems, let us know in the comments.
In the meantime, thoughts on leather jogging/track bottoms?
Would you wear ’em?
*My friend just tipped me off to LeatherCult.com, a site that custom makes all grades of leather goods. The pair below can be made to your measurements, starting at $150.
I’ve never tried it, but it could be interesting. See more here.


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