‘Becky‘ says, “Do you know what purse Karrueche is wearing in this picture?”

Karrueche Tran caught up with a friend in NYC sporting a letter ‘K’ cardigan and a $2,635 Versace Gianni Versace Couture bag:

The leather beaut has braided wrist straps, a detachable shoulder strap, a center zipper with pocket storage inside, and a zig-zag design throughout.

The black version seems to be sold out online, though you can get the silver and gold options here:

If only the black will do, contact Patrick McGregor at Versace at press@versace.it to see when they’ll be back in stock. Make sure to tell them FashionBombDaily.com sent you!
What do you think of Karrueche’s bag game?

*A lot of you asked about Karrueche’s “K” cardigan. I searched and searched, and the closest I could find was this Urban Outfitters Vintage K Letterman Cardigan:

Not the same color, but it seems to be the same style.



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