Wardrobe Query: Karrueche Tran’s Canada Zara Brown Belted Coat with Hood and Jimmy Choo Tri Tone Typhoon Pumps

So I’ve been slacking big time with solving Mail Bombs! With all my travels, I simply haven’t had a moment to sit down and search!
But I’m staying put for a minute and will have more time to devote to these. In the meantime, I’ll get a few out of the way with Wardrobe Queries!
Tanisha writes, “Recently Karrueche was spotted in Canada wearing this gorgeous camel colored hooded fur coat!”
“…Camel coats are being worn by a lot of celebrities at the moment and I would love to know where Karrueche got this jacket from.”
We hit Karrueche up, and she told us her coat was from Zara.
karrueche tran belted coat with hood chris brown brown coat hood belt
Her wool and mohair jacket was $180 before it went on sale for $140 and subsequently sold out.
Check a local Zara store to see if they might have still have it in stock! Find locations here.

*Intrigued by her heels? They’re Jimmy Choo Typhoon Pumps.
Karrueche Tran's Canada Zara Brown Belted Coat with Hood and Jimmy Choo Typhoon Pumps
Get them for $695 here.


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