Wardrobe Query: Julissa Bermudez’s Hennessy Wild Rabbit Campaign Launch Event Ashley Scott Drapes Earrings

Khadija writes, “I fell in love with these earrings worn by Julissa Bermudez at the launch of Hennessy’s ‘Wild Rabbit’ Campaign.”

” Could you please help me find them?”
Yep! Julissa accessorized a Bar III top and BCBG pants with Giuseppe Zanotti bow sandals and Ashley Scott Drapes earrings (similar to these).

We actually first wrote about Ashley Drapes earrings in 2008. Check out a few pix of people (including Ashley) modeling the brand’s more recent designs:

It seems Ashley’s online store at www.ashleydrapes.com is closed for renovation until April 16th (shakes fist), so set your google calendars for its re-opening so you can get a pair of your own.

In the meantime, get the rest of Julissa’s look with these:

Ashley Drapes pix from MilkNHonee and Tres Awesome.


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