Wardrobe Query: Iggy Azalea’s Instagram Coveted Society Mesh and Leather Leggings

Yet another influx of e-mails appeared in our inbox after rapper Iggy Azalea posted the following saucy shots on Instagram:

Tambourlon wrote, “Iggy wore these black paneled mesh-faux leather leggings during her Chicago show on the Rita Ora tour and I really want to know where I can find them and how much they cost. Thanks a bunch!”

Tania types, “I love these leggings Iggy is wearing, do you know where they’re from?”

Is it just me or is everyone dressing like a stripper? Anywhoo…Iggy was gifted the following gems by Coveted Society. The LA based brand specializes in slinky finds with copious peeks of skin:

According to brand rep Franquie, “Yes we have had so many people asking us about them! We had them in our online store which is [under] construction at the moment, and our store which [carries] them in L.A., New York and other cities in the U.S are sold out .. What we are doing is taking orders online through email for the time being for the people who want them now … They come in black, neon green, neon pink, neon orange, and white and also color blocked.”

“They can email franquie@covetedsociety.com. The leggings retail for $58, but if they put in ‘Iggy’ as the code word, they get them for $48.”

Would anyone aside from Tambourlon, Tania, and Iggy wear these?

Images: Twitter


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