Wardrobe Query: Evelyn Lozada’s Instagram Geebin Flores White Color Block Skirt and Backless Leather Strap Top

Simone writes, “Evelyn Lozada recently posted this picture of herself on twitter.”

“… I’m dying to know more about this outfit (i.e., the designer, cost, etc.) and possibly see how the front looks…?”

After doing a bit of research, I found Evelyn was wearing a color block skirt and leather strap top by Texas born designer Geebin Flores.
A quick look on GeebinFlores.com finds that the backless shirt, modeled by video vixen Rosa Acosta, is $145:

And the skirt is $179:

The full outfit is $324. Would you splurge?

Even if you wanted to, you couldn’t, as both seem to be sold out:( See the skirt here and the top here. See when they’ll be getting back in stock by getting in touch with Geebin Flores here.

Would you wear it?


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