Wardrobe Query: Emily B’s Valeisha Butterfield Baby Shower ASOS PETITE Exclusive Midi Dress in Scarf Print

Vanessa writes, “Hey, I would love to find out where I can get Emily B’s dress she wore at Valeisha Butterfield’s baby shower.”

” Thanks in advance!”

Okay! Perhaps Vanessa is new to the site (if so, welcome!). Perhaps she is unfamiliar with Emily B’s sartorial proclivities (if not, click on Emily B’s category here). At any rate, Emily B was spotted at friend Valeisha Butterfield’s Baby Shower in a $51 Exclusive Midi Dress in Scarf Print from…ASOS:

Her dress is crafted from soft jersey and features a body conscious, sleeveless silhouette, and a fun scarf design.

Emily looks great! And the more I think about it, she’s just as devoted to ASOS as any other celebrity might be to Givenchy or Lanvin.

She uplifts many of her looks with splurge-worthy shoes and bags, so I don’t see any problem with her going affordable (though it would be nice to see her in other brands from time to time).

You can get her dress for a steal at www.asos.com.

What do you think?


Faith Cummings is a senior editor and staff writer for Fashion Bomb Daily.

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