Wardrobe Query: Draya Michele’s Custom XTC Pink and Yellow Neon Cut Out Wedge Sandals

Shalayna wrote in with a wardrobe query. Please note, some of these photos might not be safe for work. Now that you’ve been warned….she writes, “Can you please help me find these BOMB neon cut out wedges Draya Michele twitpic’ed?”

“Or the designer? I’ve looked high & low!”
We couldn’t find them, so we tapped stylist Mr. Bradshaw (pictured below with Draya) for the scoop:

He said, “Draya’s shoes are custom. They’re by a brand called XTC & are exclusively made by a store on Melrose called SHOES FOR THE STARS (www.shoesforthestars.com). They retail at $795.” Shoes for the Stars’s website is not yet live, but you can call them at 323-655-2657.
If you want an alternative, XTC shoes has their own website, and carry these $298 6-inch “Dina Multi” wedge sandals with a hollowed out wood platform:

Same design, different colors. Get them here.
I’m not sure where exactly I’d wear the shoes, but they’re kinda cute, no?

If only the original will do, call Shoes for the Stars at 323-655-2657. XTC shoes also custom makes orders. Call them at 323-655-2081.

Hot! or Hmm…?


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