Wardrobe Query: Blac Chyna’s Vintage Versace Silk Shirt

Alexis writes, “ I’ve been looking for this blouse Blac Chyna has on with the chain fabric.”

” It seems like some type of old school shirt, but I just can’t seem to find it. Most of the shirts are long sleeved.”
You’re correct! Blac Chyna was seen with Tyga in a vintage Versace shirt, one of three the brand re-issued this year. While Cassie and Beyonce were spied in a yellow version, and Brandy shot “It all Belongs to Me” in the pink option, Blac Chyna swiped the red one:

Each shirt retails for $1,275. Unfortunately Chyna’s isn’t available for purchase online, though if you pop by your local Versace boutique, you should be able to find it.
If any color will do, get the look with these options:

What do you think, would you drop $1,275 on this shirt?


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