Wardrobe Query: Blac Chyna’s Shopping Privileged Pink Heelless Sneaker Wedges

As soon as Blac Chyna‘s latest pix hit the web, I somehow knew I’d be getting a Mail Bomb or two about her look.
Taya was the first to write in, saying, “What are these shoes that Blac Chyna is rockin ?”

“…I’m in love with them.”
Indeed. Ms. Chyne uplifted a black and gray ensemble with an $895 Alexander Wang Rocco bag in yellow and $100 Privilege Pink Heelless sneakers:

The lace ups come in an assortment of colors, including black/gold, snakeprint, gray, pink, and more.
Get China’s shoes at UrbanOg or FlyJane.com.
Complete the rest of her look here:

Thoughts on her look?

*Thanks for the tips, guys!


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