Vuitton’s Life: The Kardashians for Bebe and Brian Reyes!

Hey Guys!

Vuitton here with a rundown of a few of the fabulous shows I attended during New York Fashion Week!
My bestie Lavonne and I were excited for the Kardashians for Bebe show. We got there a little late, but thankfully, shows in New York don’t seem to start on time. We got to our seats and waited to see what the Kardashians had to offer.

The line was everything expected of a Kardashian bombshell. Curve-hugging dresses, leggings and boyfriend blazers were the staples of the collection.

Groundbreaking? Not really. But the reality star sisters stayed true to their personal style without veering far from what’s relatable and trendy.

Kim was there, sans her sisters to rep for the line wearing one of their creations.

Fatima from America’s Next Top Model walked in the show and showed us a bit of her quirky side.

And Fatima and Mr. Jay had a bit of a reunion after the show…

Kim Kardashian left as quickly as she came, but Adrienne Ballon stuck around and was gracious enough to take a pic with me!

What’d you guys think of the collection?

Next, we ran to Brian Reyes:

Once again, gray was a very popular color this season, but Reyes played with the shade in a way that sparked interest.  He patterned a few of his pieces after decaying tree bark, but ironically, it brought the collection to life.

He also hopped on board with the deliciously pumpkin colored pieces he sent down the runway.  Very Gossip Girl chic, especially with the knee-highs and platforms.

Reyes also took a classic fabric like jacquard and transformed it into silhouettes with modern touches like the midriff skimming look on the right.  It was a little risque, but it still maintains that classic appeal.

There were also some luxurious fur pieces sent down the runway in the richest shade of navy blue I’ve ever seen.

One thing to be admired about this collection was the use of prints and colors, an area in which most designers fall short.  Reyes’ inspiration will be sure to transcend the runway into the closets of fashionistas who want to keep a current wardrobe without coming off as gaudy.

Celebrity stylist du jour, June Ambrose, was tweeting her fingers away on the front row, keeping her fans abreast of all the chai tea hauteness that spilled on Reyes’ runway.  At the end of the show, I asked her for a pic, and she was more than generous to take one with me!

She was stunned when I told her my name to which she replied, “Wait.  That’s your government name?  Haute pepper approved daaahling!”  She was definitely a breath of fresh air and has the most infectious personality one can come across.  Check out her YouTube page here for styling tips and side-splitting commentary.

What do you think?



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