Vuitton’s Life: New York City In A Nutshell

So most of you guys probably didn’t know that this was my first time at New York Fashion Week, much less New York City.  Quite a drastic change from what I’m accustomed to in the Bahamas in terms of the weather, but after living in Canada for two years and Snowpocalypse two weeks ago I knew what I was in for.

New York was pretty cold, and since I didn’t get my things from Asos (which included a trench coat), I had to thug it out in my leather jacket most of the way.  But since I layered up with thermals, I was pretty much good to go.

Needless to say, the subways had me for a loop for a bit.  “Circles” mean local.  “Diamonds” mean express, and I didn’t figure this out until two days before I left.  Nonetheless, subways are the easiest, though somewhat confusing for fish out of water,  and least expensive way to get to and around the city.

Some of the rumors you’ve heard about New York City cab drivers are true.  Yeah, they’re pretty reckless.  I’m still thankful I came back home in one piece with the way a few of them were driving.  And a ton of them don’t really know where to take you.  I had to get in and out of four cabs because none of them knew where my hotel was from Manhattan.  Not to mention that most of them don’t even have GPS but have TV screens in the back seat for customers.  Not quite sure if I can find the logic in that one, but to each his own.

Being at the tents alone was a fashion show in itself.  Most of the attendees come dress to the nines, even if they’re not going to any shows.

Reason being there are a lot of photographers out there ready to take your pic for magazines and blogs if your outfit is eye catching or jaw dropping.  At fashion week, it’s undoubtedly one of the highest forms of flattery.

All in all, despite the fast-paced environment and the overwhelming skyscrapers, this island boy had a life-changing experience.  Hopefully when next season rolls around, I’ll have myiPhone and Macbook in tow to keep you guys on your toes with what Lincoln Centre will be like.  Au revoir, Bryant Park!



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