Vogue Italia Features Plus Sized Models in “Belle Vere” Editorial

It seems that Vogue Italia is the only iteration of Vogue willing to prominently feature models who are not  waif-like, blonde, or have a last name ending in -ova. Their June cover editorial, “Belle Vere” exclusively features plus sized models.

The models are deliciously luxe in lingerie by designers like Agent Provacateur and Dolce & Gabbana. The setting mimics the mood, with plush carpets and couches, plates full of decidedly non-diet food (pasta and chocolates), red wine and champagne, and the women dripping with precious jewels.

While the editorial does possess symptoms of the “stereotypical plus-size spread” (food, naked models) it’s certainly lovely to see a celebration of curves, and not severe, straight, sharp lines. This spread is proof that yes, curves can be just as elegant as bones, and that it can be editorial as well.

When asked by New York Magazine if plus sized models would soon get as much attention as others, Italian Vogue editor Franca Sozzani said “… I don’t think we’ll see the same proportion [of plus-size models as straight-size models]. Just like we don’t see the same proportion of white and black girls. They use curvy models sometimes, like a provocation, but it is just to show something different, which I don’t like honestly. I loved for example Prada, the winter before last she used three or four girls which were curvy girls. So not everybody will embrace that, I don’t think so. But I think in a way we will stop to think, do you really want to go on with all these skinny girls? If this is the only question that comes up, for me [the issue] will be a big success.”
See more images here (some NSFW!)

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Read Franca’s full interview about the spread with New York Magazine here.

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