Vintage Visions: Eartha Kitt

I was so delighted by the response of last week’s Vintage Vision! The comments were filled with positive responses, words of wisdom and even motivating thoughts on continuing the feature. Fashion Bomb reader Jeda wrote, “I love this feature, and Dorothy is a classic beauty. I love that clean, polished look, and I’m sure its making a come back. I would love to see Eartha Kitt in a vintage feature, she was bad ass! Blessings.” 

So, with that being said, here I am this week with the next icon. Today’s feature is dedicated to a woman who possessed a smile that was bigger than life itself – her feisty style was what distinguished her from the ordinary – you know her as the legendary Eartha Kitt.



Originally born as “Eartha Mae Keith”, this American singer, dancer and actress took the world by storm with her unique singing style and eccentric tastes. In 1943, Kitt started her career as a member of the Katherine Dunham Company and remained a distinctive addition until 1948. Her next endeavor involved using the voice that would soon make her an instant hit – from “Let’s Do It” to the epic “Santa Baby” – Kitt began to make her mark on the world.



The star continued to shoot to unparalleled realms of success when she landed her first starring role as Helen of Troy in Orson Welles’ Dr. Faustus. In 1967, she was cast as the sultry Catwoman in the Batman television series. Kitt conquered the world of film, television, music and even Broadway. Throughout the 1950s and 1960s, Kitt was on fire!


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Eartha’s style was impeccable. From wearing leopard print from head to toe to rocking the heck out of Catwoman’s black bodysuit, she was a woman who embraced femininity and made sexy look classy. Aside from an enviable figure, her presence was also extraordinary. Kitt was a force of incomparable talent and her legacy will continue to live on through her constant inspiration. Interestingly enough, her colleague, Orson Welles, once coined her as “the most exciting woman in the world.”


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This was one difficult feature! This woman is the definition of raw talent. If you can, please read up on Eartha Kitt! She was absolutely amazing. There was so much information I wanted to include in this feature but, for the sake of time,  I summed everything up as best as I could! On another note, how about those legs!!?

What do you think of today’s Vintage Visions feature? Are you an Eartha Kitt fan?

Let me know!


Signing Out — Esmesha

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