Versace For H&M Womenswear: Products + Prices

So that you can start to budget accordingly, H&M released the full images of their forthcoming collaboration with Versace, along with prices. Dresses range from $80-$300, leather jackets average $300, and shoes range from $130-$150.
Peep the breakdown here:

Silk Dresses, $199

Silk Dress, $149; Dress, $129

Jacket, $70
Leather Jacket, $299
Silk Top, $80
Silk Dresses, $149
Silk Dress, $149; Dress, $129
Silk Bustier, $129
Silk Skirt, $129
Silk Skirt, $70
Pants, $70; Leggings, $30
Scarves, $30
Leather Shoes, $129
Bag, $199
Leather Shoes, $149

See the rest here:

What do you think of the prices? Too expensive, or on point?



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