Salutations, Fashion Bombers!
Danielle here helping you get your Valentine’s Day makeup looks down. Now let’s go! *does the Diddy dance*

Whatever your V-Day plans include (mine will be spent sending myself “secret” gifts from Sephora), amp them up with a hot red lip! For the legions of you out there that have been scared silly of rocking this can-work-on-every-skintone shade, Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to try it out. And if you want to show them up, Miss Honey, try it out with a seductive smoky eye and then top your red lipstick off with a red gloss. Use Rihanna’s sexy red lip look from her “Hard” video (shown above) as your guide.

Get the Look:

The Smoky Eye
The most simple way to create a smoky eye is to line your eyes with a black eyeliner pencil and then smudge the line upwards with either a eyeshadow brush like MAC#214, a Q-tip, or the tip of a makeup sponge. Follow with two to three coats of mascara.

To get a bit fancy with it, you’ll need to layer your products for the boldest, longest-lasting smoky eye. Start out by applying an eyeshadow base like Urban Decay Primer Potion all over the eyes. Next apply a matte eyeshadow closest to your skin tone all over the eye. After that layer a shimmery eyeshadow color similar to the matte one just on the lid and on the brow bone. Then take your main smoky color and with a thick eyeshadow brush like MAC#217 and apply it in a V shape to the outer corners of the eye and in the crease. Be sure to blend the shadow carefully so that there are no harsh lines where the different colors meet. Then line eyes with black eyeliner. Last, curl lashes and apply a lash primer (if needed) then apply two to three coats of mascara. As with any eye look, if your eyes are small or close-set, do not line all the way into the inner corners with a dark liner or shadow. Doing so will make your eyes appear even smaller and more close-set. Instead line the inner corners with a pale gold or silver liner or shadow.

There’s tons of methods of achieving a smoky eye, so you can use my tips above or experiment to find a look you love.

The Red Lip
First, you’ll need to choose the right red. As overwhelming as that may sound, it’s actually quite easy when you know your undertones. If your undertones are warm (there’s a yellow or golden undertone to your skin, you tan to a golden brown color, your veins are green, you look best in gold, etc.), then a red with a yellow or golden base works best. Reds to try: MAC Lipstick in Brave Red, Lady Danger, Cockney, and Lady Bug. If your undertones are cool (there’s a red or blue undertone to your skin, your veins are blue, you look best in silver, etc.) then a red with a blue base works best. Reds to try: MAC Lipstick in Russian Red, Dubonnet, Ruby Woo, MAC Red, and Viva Glam I. If you’re olive toned (neither yellow nor blue undertones) try a red with neutral undertones. Some reds to try: MAC Lipstick in Fresh Moroccan and Spice It Up!

As with foundation, finding a red you love takes time and patience, but you will find it! If you’ve found your love, spill it in the comments section.



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