Unsolved Mail Bombs: Kim Kardashian’s Instagram Miami Black Leather Swimsuit, Evelyn Lozada’s White Striped Long Sleeve Dress, and Rita Ora’s Camouflage Skirt!

Happy Friday, peeps!
I’m in the British Virgin Islands for their annual fashion event called Summer Sizzle! The trip promises a fashion show, parties, and loads of Caribbean style. I’ve got my DSLR with me, so stay tuned for the recap on Monday.
I’m headed to the beach (or the pool), and am having a time solving Mail Bombs this week, so I’m throwing it to you, folks! Below, please find a flurry of unsolved mail. If you know the score, please leave a comment!
First up, Megan writes, “Searched the web high & low…”

“… where can we find the hot leather swimsuit Kim K tweeted of herself in Miami?”
Not sure. I found the following options for ya, though they’re leather deficient.

If someone can help Megan out, holla!
In another Kim K unsolved mystery, Angie writes, “Can you let me know who designs Kim’s dress?”

Janean liked the gown Ne-Yo’s fiancée Monyetta wore to his Compound Benefit in the Hamptons, and wrote, “I’d like to find this dress.”

Syreeta says, “Trying to find this outfit, not sure if it’s a skirt and top or just a dress.”

“Thank you!!!!”

A lot of you were feeling Rita Ora’s camo skirt from yesterday’s Week in Chic, with BeautyVixen94 (and others) screaming, “CAN ANYONE TELL ME PLEASE WHERE RITA GOT HER SKIRT OR WHERE I CAN GET ONE VERY SIMILAR???!!!”

Travis says, “By any chance can you tell me if the Chanel hat is available or the name of it?

” Maybe the season it’s from? I need it in my life.”

Chanel says, “I’ve seen a lot of people with these sunglasses.”

” Can you help with who the designer is that Trey Songz is wearing?”

Lastly, Christian writes, “I’ve been trying to find what brand and where can I buy the Glow In The Dark tracksuit that Chris Brown is wearing on the video “Better With The Lights Off”.”

I’d assume it’s past season Adidas, but of course, I’ll defer to you guys.
Team work makes the dream work. Hopefully some of you stylish sleuths can help me out this week.
I’m off to upload today’s Bombshell (who you’ll *love*), then partake in some beachside activities.
Have amazingly wonderful weekends, y’all!


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