Twitter and Blogs Buzz About Gabby Douglas’s Hair

Olympic gymnast and gold medal winner Gabby Douglas has been the focus of several blogs and tweets as of late, not because of her outstanding sportsmanship, prowess, flexibility, and grace…but because of her hair.

In an article on, writer Dodai Stewart enumerates several tweets from opinionated naysayers, who typed, “She needs some gel and a brush…”, “Someone needs to give her a hair intervention…”, and “Gabby Douglas needs to tame the beady beads in the back of her head…lol.”

Hair is such a polarizing issue in the African-American community, whether you’re natural, relaxed, or somewhere in between. The common denominator, whatever your style, is this necessity that your look is polished–layed, swooped, and devoid of ‘beady beads.‘ But as we all know, when you’re working out and sweating, your hair is a casualty. And besides, who cares if Gabby’s hair is a little unkempt–shouldn’t the focus be on her skill and accomplishments?

Fittingly, several Twitterers have come to Gabby’s defense, typing, “Talking about Gabby Douglas’ hair? At least it’s hers. You got yours from one of Britain’s Equestrian horses,” and, “Gabby Douglas is competing on a Gold Winning Team not a hair show. #KnockItOff”
What do you think of this whole hubbub?
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