Transition Hairstyles for Growing Out Short Hair

Growing out a short hair cut can be a pain! I’ve done it twice in life—once after cutting my hair super short in junior high and just a few years ago after cutting my hair back in 2005. It can be painful, but the hardest part is probably being patient. Can’t even tell you how long I spent in front of the mirror “watching” my hair grow *smh*.

But here’s some tips to help you along:

1. Remember that trimming/cutting the hair does not stimulate hair growth. There’s a silly rumor that’s been going around for ages about that. All a trim does is make your ends look neater. Also split ends won’t likely run up the hair shaft and cause the rest of your hair to split. They can make the hair appear less tidy so if they pop up during a transition stage when you have so much going on, already give them a light trim. Also steer clear of scissor happy stylists. Many women trim their own hair or enlist a friend with a steady hand or be sure you left your stylist show you where they intended to cut before they cut.

2. The one thing that made me super unhappy when I was growing out my hair is that at one point my hair grew and fell where my face was its widest. When horizontal lines (created by the ends of the hair) hit a place that’s full, it makes that area look even wider. So my hair at that point made my face look sooooo huge…lol. When your hair gets to that stage, try to keep it off the face.

3. Grab some cute headbands and hair accessories. They will be life savers for when a section of your hair grows faster than others. This is perfect for days when you just want to get up and go. You can comb your hair back away from your face and plop on a headband.

4. Lay off the heat. Hair will always grow, but retaining that length is key. Try to avoid heat styling so you’re not sabotaging your hair growth efforts. Try a wet wrap (use a silk or satin scarf to secure the hair) and let the hair air dry. This is ideally done a few hours before you go to bed so you wake up with your hair dry. Put some Moroccanoil Oil Treatment ( for locations) on your wet hair to help speed up the air drying process.

5. If you crave long hair in an instant get wiggy with it and try out a cute wig or hair extensions.

Some hair ideas/inspiration (click to enlarge):

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