Time to Vote! Who Should Win Fashion Bomb Daily’s Internship Contest?

Well, it’s been quite an exciting week, eh?
Lots of new blood coursed through our stylish veins, as our 10 internship hopefuls pitched and published their best ideas. Some stuck to our current predilections, while others went in new directions. Some of you were feeling them…others not so much.
Let’s take a look at this week in review, and vote on who you think should win a coveted spot on our growing team!
1. Intern 1
Chanel Iman Teen Vogue Intern
Unfortunately Intern 1 dropped out of the competition before it ended. They wrote, “Thank you so much for this opportunity, but I feel it best that I pull myself out of the running for the intern position. My posts have not hit the site and I can now see and understand why after seeing the other interns posts. I will definitely use this time to grow as a writer, personality, and interviewer.” Sad to see you go, but better luck next time!

2. Intern 2
intern 2 finish the look
Intern 2 captured our hearts and minds with fun Finish the Look ideas, which offered several styling options for men, women, and children. #2 showed their ability to stick to our usual script with a Bomb Product of the Day and a Hot! or Hmm post featuring Taylor Swift, but also took risks with a fun post about Stylish Instagram Dogs.
stylish Instagram dogs
Some of you were not about that dog life, but others were game for Intern 2’s playful twist. Faithful reader Kitty B offered, “Intern 2, I may be in the minority but I ENJOYED this post *giggles* refreshing and made me smile lol.”

3. Intern 3
Intern 3’s Laptop died in the middle of the competition, and was unfortunately only able to offer one idea, that didn’t really work for the site. They missed out on the opportunity, but there’s always next time!

4. Intern 4
Intern 4 kicked off her week with an Art Bomb with the Tappan collective, then splashed our screens with everything from cool sneakers for kids to custom socks and delectable pearls.
Intern 4 showed they could maintain our custom content with a Hot! or Hmm featuring Hannah Bronfman, then got innovative with a DIY for a backless Sonia Rykiel shirt.
We can’t lie; the DIY was dope! And you guys were game. Tricia typed, “Intern #4 wins for this post alone! LOL jk but great post though! :)”

5. Intern 5
nail snaps fashion bomb daily
It was all about beauty, hair and nails for Intern 5, who set herself apart from the rest with posts about must have products, nail snaps, and makeup how tos.
Though Intern 5 showed their cerebral side with a Book Bomb post (which I loved!), their pink haired post made it to into our most popular posts for the week, with loads of you weighing in on whether you’d try the cotton candy hue.

6. Intern 6
It seems only one of Intern 6’s posts made it to the site, but boy, was it a doozy! They compiled about 6 outfit sets, denoting different collegiate styles.
intern 6 college set
It’s fresh off the presses, so be sure to leave some feedback and let us know what you think!

7. Intern 7
#7 might’ve been our most prolific contestant, publishing a total of 9 posts (and suggesting that many more). The ideas varied from fab Daniele Michetti shoes to various Style Inspirations, promising to take Bombshells from the office to white parties and beyond.
Summer 2014 Style Inspiration 5 Outfits for End of Summer White Parties and Labor Day Weekend
Intern 7 also showed fabulous diversity, from Beauty picks with MDM Flow lipstick to Keke Palmer Snapshots and photography finds. Their most innovative, however, was the option to Style your favorite celeb, which sticks to our general fair yet takes it up a notch.
Job well done!

8. Intern 8
You Should Know I Love Ugly 2
If you think we’re missing menswear, Intern 8 had us covered! They profiled I Love Ugly apparel, and also spotlighted Ikiré Jones’s artistic pieces.
Bomb Product Of The Day Ikire Jones Pocket Square 3
A Cool Online Find post about a Ban.Do’s Giant Gem speaker rounded out this short, but sweet submission.
Cool Online Find Bando Giant Gem Speaker1
Bomber Aris loved it, and offered, “Great post, thank you!”

9. Intern 9
diamond janae
Intern 9 dropped bombs left and right, even scoring this week’s most Popular Post with her Bomb Blogger feature on Diamond Janae. #9 continued the good vibes and blogger love with her Rock It or Knock It: Mesh Trend piece, then continued killing it with a post about Jhene Aiko’s faux blonde locks.
Numero Nueve had you engaged with every post, and even caused Zuvaa’s website to crash with her Cool Online Find Post.
intern 9 zuvaa dress
You guys were all about it. Deefresh gushed, “YES!! This is VERY cool. I love it, Intern 9! Keep it up!”

10. Intern 10
nasty gal skate lace dress intern 10
Intern kept it cute and short, profiling Nasty Gal’s Lace Skater Dress. The look was affordable and perfect for summer, and you guys seemed pleased.
nasty gal skate laced dress
Eezo screamed, “LOVT ITT”
And that does it!
Now it’s up to you! Review all the posts here and vote on your faves.

Two candidates will score a spot on our team (though I might choose three–they’re really good, no?).
Thank you to everyone who submitted and took the time to offer great content.
Best of luck to everyone–and have amazing weekends!
I’ll announce the winners on Monday.


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