The Fashion Bomb’s Holiday Gift Guide: 600+ His and Her Gift Ideas At Every Budget

Christmas is at our door step, and purchasing the perfect gifts for loved ones can be stressful! We decided to help you ease the anxiety of holiday shopping with a few fun options for guys and gals:


Whether you’re a man or woman, life is always a bit sweeter when you’re dressed to the nines. Look sharp and glamorous with these suggestions.

Arm Candy:

“So many watches I need eight arms.”  We all know women swoon for fab jewelry, but men love a little arm candy, too. Purchase a timepiece, fly cufflinks, or bracelets for the person who wants to make a statement.

Fragrance and Grooming:

There’s nothing quite like the pleasant scent of a man and woman. Smell divine and stay properly groomed with these items.

Handbags, Briefcases, and Backpacks:

Everyone needs to carry around basic essentials. For the woman on the go, opt for a larger bag. The professional man could benefit from a sleek briefcase.. If he’s more of a casual guy, a brand new backpack will suffice.


Coats, scarves, and hats are a must for the blistery winter weather. Keep warm in these fashionable wares.

There you have it! Happy Shopping!

What will you be getting your loved ones this holiday season?


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