The Fashion Bomb’s Guide to 50+ Fashionable Winter Coats For Every Budget

Reader Melissa said, “NYC winters can be brutal!! With the winter approaching, I’m on the hunt for a fashionable coat. The thought is something I can rock with my over the knee boots or Uggs; and I’m not afraid of color. Any thoughts?”
Of course! Now is a good time to start thinking about stocking up for winter with stylish outerwear that will keep you warm and chic. We did a search and found over 50 down, wool, and faux fur coats in a myriad of colors, at prices that range from jaw dropping to sweet and cheap.

Wool Coats:

It’s always great to have a standby wool coat in black that you can wear to formal events and professional occasions. It’s important to choose wisely, as this will be the main item people see when you’re out and about. A few tips: Belted styles work best, as they’ll offer an hourglass silhouette (even with tons of layers underneath). Also, when shopping, perform the ‘crush’ test to gauge the quality of the fabric. Ball a piece of material in your hands and hold for 30 seconds. If the coat looks wrinkled, so will you, so keep it moving. If the fabric bounces back, go for it! Invest in a neutral color, then save on a fun colored or patterned option:

Puffy or Down Coats:

Down coats are perfect for kicking it on weekends, or for when it’s so cold a wool just won’t work. Opt for a belted or tailored option to avoid looking like a marshmallow, and express your good taste with fur trim or asymmetrical zippers.

Faux Fur:

Have lots of fun with faux fur. Go for demure in solid winter white, black, or gray, or tap into your wild side like Tolula Adeyemi with leopard print. This isn’t for the shy..but who said you were?

Will you be getting a new winter coat this season?
I know will. I couldn’t fit my Mackage coat in my overstuffed suitcase when I moved back to the I’ll be on the hunt! For more on my winter style, check out my wish list.


Claire Sulmers is the publisher and founder of Fashion Bomb Daily, the #43 most influential style magazine in the world.

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