The Fashion Bomb’s Father’s Day Gift Guide

Father’s day is this Sunday, June 19. While it’s true a man can never have too many ties, here are some more original ideas for your favorite patriarch!


1. The Artsy Dad

A lover and champion of all things creative, this dad is an artist in every sense of the word. He can be a little weird sometimes, but you know the man has an eye for unique pieces and appreciates the quirky and unexpected. Make sure you go for gifts that are interestingly crafted and will showcase his individuality.


2. The Dope Boy Fresh Dad

He’s always on point when he dresses, and you wonder how he sometimes looks more stylish than you! For this dad, the little details count. Cop him some unexpectedly shaped cufflinks, or a fly masculine bracelet.


3. Athletic Dad

He took you to countless baseball and football games as a child, he is always active, and his tailgate swag is impeccable! Why not gift him with some fly exercise gear, or wearable memorabilia  from his favorite team?


4. The Business, Man Not a Businessman

Meetings, business trips, entertaining clients. This father works hard, but sometimes forgets he needs a break! Choose functional gifts (like a digital portable luggage scale) or something to help him relax after a hard day’s work (like embroidered velvet slippers).


What kind of Dad is your Dad?
And what do you plan on getting him for Father’s Day?

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