The Fashion Bomb x Noel New York Bombshell Makeover Contestant 5: Diahann

Our second to last Makeover contestant, Diahann, was submitted by her daughter Khristina:

Khristina writes, “She doesn’t know I’m entering her in this contest at all. She desperately needs to be pampered & revived from her fashion drought.”

“She works so hard to take care of my family & she never stops, no matter how late she gets off work as she is awake by 6:30 am starting her day.”

“My mommy is a Teacher at a high school, College Professor at Barry University, a Life Insurance agent, and a student who is about to receive her Doctorate.”

“Between work, school , taking care of everyone she forgets to take care of herself. She’s always thinking of herself last–she doesn’t do her hair anymore or go out with friends. I know there are so many looks she wants to try & so much she wants to do but the money spreads so thin!”

“I just need her to win this makeover, in my opinion no else deserves it more than she does!!!!”

Khristina (right) with her mom Diahann

What a sweet nomination! It’s gonna be really tough to choose the ultimate winners.
Who are your top two thus far?
See earlier submissions here and stay tuned for our final contestant tomorrow. And if you or someone you know are in need of a glam intervention, be sure to send your submissions to
Read the full contest rules and guidelines here.


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