The Fashion Bomb News Breakdown: Which Top Model Judge is Tyra Banks Allegedly Dating?, Kardashians to Release Beauty Range, and You Should Know Jalil Peraza

• 38-year-old Tyra Banks is reportedly hooking up with male model and newly-appointed America’s Next Top Model judge, 24-year-old Robert Evans. So that’s how he got that judging gig! Radar Online reports,“The pair were getting along like a house on fire at the Palihouse in Los Angeles last week as they canoodled over dirty martinis. And after the gallant 6’3 Givenchy model paid the bill, Tyra joined him upstairs is his hotel room! ‘He put his arm around her as they walked to the elevator,’ an eyewitness [dished]” It must be love! (Radar Online)

Hard evidence that the model is indeed pregnant

• Supermodel Gisele Bundchen wore a loose-fitting top this week on a trip to Rio de Janerio, “concealing her stomach area with a large bag.” So, you know what that means: she’s definitely pregnant. (Vogue UK)


The Kardashians will not stop until all your money is effectively siphoned out of your pockets into their already bursting wallets. The three sisters are set to launch Khroma Beauty, a new cosmetics line that will help you achieve that overly made-up Kardashian look. Shade aside, the some of products look pretty cool. There’s a lipgloss holster you can wear as a garter (ooh la la!), and “Million Dollar Mask” foundation prep made with 24k gold dust, amongst other items. Khroma Beauty will debut in December with a special Holiday edition, and more products will launch in 2013. Not gonna lie, I might have to get my hands on that Million Dollar Mask. Will you be buying? (ELLE)


• We’re used to seeing Jamaican runner Usain Bolt in green, yellow, and black spandex, but when it comes to personal style, the fastest man in the world has a taste for the finer things. Vogue UK asked Bolt who his style icons were, to which he responded, “Well, there are a lot of people whose style I admire, it’s difficult to say.” How diplomatic! He continued, “I love Gucci though, especially the suits, so anyone that wears that kind of gear would probably be on my list. I spend so much of my time in training and race wear that when I get the opportunity to wear some smart gear I’ll always choose something that I feel good and look good in. I would definitely choose something from Gucci with a Hublot watch. I like style which is sleek and simple.” Gucci suit and Hublot watch? What, no Clarks with di leather? Clarks with di fur? (Vogue UK)

i-D highlights Jalil Peraza, t-shirt designer to Kanye West and Creative Art Director for Donda. The fascinating piece talks about how the 18-year-old went from being just another kid in Texas making tees, to having Jay-Z rock one of his shirts on the Watch The Throne tour. (i-D)


• Just to clear the air, ya’ll, Marc Jacobs was never a fat herion addict. The designer told German Interview“That was the stupidest thing I ever heard because first of all I was never a fat heroin addict, I was a skinny heroin addict, and I got over that luckily, but I was never fat! I was fat when I stopped doing drugs, not while I was doing drugs. I don’t know anyone who’s fat when they’re doing drugs.” Got it? Watch more of the hilariously candid interview above! (German Interview)


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