The Fashion Bomb News Breakdown: Watch Episode 1 of Styled by June, Rihanna Gets a New Tattoo, and Grace Coddington Thinks Interns Need to Stop Whining

• It’s finally here! After months of waiting, Styled by June is finally here!

Watch stylist June Ambrose in her reality series debut right now! (Vh1)

• Our dear friend Robyn Fenty has new ink. For her 16th tattoo, Rihanna chose a small, simple cross on her collarbone. She got it done at the opening of her friend and tattoo artist, Bang Bang‘s new store. I think it’s a little superfluous, but who am I to judge someone else’s tat? (Daily Mail)

• Here’s a behind-the-scenes look at Jennifer Lopez‘s Vogue cover shoot. In the vid, we find out that J.Lo is neither a size 0 or 2, but sometimes a 4 or a 6. She’s just an average chick, folks, marginalized by the strict body ideals of fashion like the rest of us. Only difference is she gets a Vogue cover for it, while we go unnoticed. (Vogue)

• If you thought rich people had it easy with all their glorious money and people waiting on them hand and foot, you thought wrong. Dion Leung Wai-yin is suing Hong Kong luxury department store Lane Crawford for 50,000 Hong Kong dollars ($6,441) and two Chanel purses for jailing her in a VIP waiting room for 90 minutes, waiting for store staff to authenticate a vintage Chanel purse. Not only was this poor woman force-fed delicious hot chocolate, but she was also made to listen to the ramblings of some vagrant commoner during her wait: “I was locked in a VIP room, [an employee] served me hot chocolate and he started to chit-chat with me. When I asked him when were we going to discuss the bag, he tried to [talk] about his divorce, the size of his feet and where he came from.” Hot chocolate and chit-chat? Wai-yin deserves justice! (WWD)

• Do you want to smell like money and erroneous conspiracies? Then ‘Success by Trump’ is your fragrance! Real Estate mogul and noted birther Donald Trump is releasing his second fragrance (yes, there was a first) in eight years through the Five Star Fragrance Co. (WWD)

Grace Coddington thinks fashion interns need to stop complaining. “They’re there to learn and observe. I think there are a lot of interns that feel very entitled. They think we owe them something. Good ones come through though. You really notice them.” On the heels of Condé Nast’s internship program overhaul, and that Harper’s Bazaar intern suing Hearst for the several hours of unpaid overtime she was made to complete, it seems the plight of the fashion intern is all over the news these days. But while Ms. Coddington has a point, the fact of the matter is interns are often taken advantage of, and this is a problem that needs to be addressed in the industry. But I guess it’s easy to say “stop complaining” when you’re the Creative Director at Vogue. (The Cut)

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