The Fashion Bomb News Breakdown: Was Beyoncé Lightened For Her Latest Promo Shots?, More of Rihanna’s Emporio Armani Underwear Ads, and Terry Richardson Takes Photos of Children

• This promo photo from Beyoncé‘s newest album is sparking quite a bit of controversy. Fans are upset because the R&B diva’s complexion appears to be several shades lighter than it actually is.

Beyoncé is no stranger to photographic whitewashing; in 2008, her complexion was significantly altered in a L’Oreal hair color campaign. While King B certainly looks much fairer in the above photo, the hullabaloo makes me wonder how many people are familiar with the effects of flash exposure? Do you think she was intentionally lightened for this shot? (Daily Mail)


• Now it’s Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino‘s turn to get sued. The reality star is being slapped with a lawsuit by clothing company Serious Pimp (as opposed to Silly or Whimsical Pimp?) who claims they paid him and his brother $25,000 to wear their t-shirts on television and promote the brand through social media outlets. Not only did the brothers fail to fulfill their duties as brand ambassadors, but they also kept the money the company paid them. While in most cases, I would find it difficult to side with a brand with such a ridiculous name, Mike “The Situation” has the easiest job in the world. Remembering to wear a t-shirt while you’re taping a show on which you are only required to drink and act a fool can’t take that much effort. Clean ’em out, Serious Pimp! (The Cut)


Rihanna trades in that blonde bowl cut wig for some luxurious Feel So Real-brand Indian hair extensions in the latest shots for her Emporio Armani underwear campaign. (Armani Facebook)


Fashionologie has a look at the Yves Saint Laurent retrospective set to hit the Denver Art Museum March 25, and it’s pretty amazing. My favorite piece has to be this wedding dress, furnished with glorious cutouts of kissing doves. How romantic. (Fashionologie)


• If you thought it was creepy when Terry Richardson admitted to having models take nude photos of him in order to ease the tension on shoots, here’s something creepier. The pervy noted fashion photographer recently dressed up two small children in his likeness and snapped some shots. The kids are adorable! The concept? Not so much. (Styleite)



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