The Fashion Bomb News Breakdown: V Magazine Is Not Happy Rihanna Leaked Photos, Karl Lagerfeld Says Nicolas Ghesquière Should Have His Own Label, and David Beckham Models H&M’s Christmas Collection

• You know those racy V Magazine photos of a barely clothed Rihanna and Kate Moss draped around one another? Yeah, those. It turns out we weren’t supposed to see those images just yet. After Rihanna took to her Twitter and Instagram to reveal the scandalous shots, the publication released this statement expressing a bit of discontent, “It is an unfortunate case that these images were prematurely leaked, which is becoming a more prevalent issue within the industry. While we don’t condone what has happened, we are beyond excited to have gotten these two icons of music and fashion together for such a beautiful shoot. This is just a taste of all of the fabulousness that awaits in the March 2013 issue.” Oops! As you very well know, RiRi is Unapologetic. (Telegraph) 

• As you know, Nicolas Ghesquière has left his position at Balenciaga. What should be his next move? Not to worry, after speaking with Reuters Karl Lagerfeld provides an answer, “Perhaps Nicolas wants to have his own label, which is not a bad idea. And it would not be a bad idea if somebody such as Bernard Arnault would invest in a new label because there are so many old labels [within LVMH].”  (Vogue UK)

• Ladies, it’s Friday. Treat yourself to these scrumptious shots of David Beckham modeling pieces from his Christmas collection for H&M.  The line includes underwear, hoodies, sweatpants, and scarves. Well, well, well…Hello, Mr. Beckham. (Grazia)

• J.C. Penney is struggling. It appears a new sales strategy may not be enough to save the ailing retailer. After posting third quarter results, it showed the company suffered a 26.6 percent drop in sales to $2.93 billion from $4 billion last year. J.C. Penney’s chief executive officer, Ron Johnson said, “While the quarter overall was challenging, the performance of J.C. Penney’s new brands and shops reinforces our conviction to transform J.C. Penney into a specialty department store.  Today, J.C. Penney is really a tale of two companies.  By far the largest part of our store is the old J.C. Penney, which continues to struggle and experience significant challenges as evidenced by our third quarter results.” Perhaps what the company needs is an entire image overhaul. I can’t remember the last time anyone I know has stepped foot into one of their stores. (WWD)

• Get your shop on at Nordstrom’s half yearly sale (Nordstrom)

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