The Fashion Bomb News Breakdown: US Surgeon General Blames Black Women’s Hairdos For Obesity Rate, Marc Jacobs Spring 2012 Show Pushed Back, and Go Behind-The-Scenes of The Missoni for Target Collection

• The Surgeon General Dr. Regina M. Benjamin says one of the reasons for the high obesity rate among black women has to do with our high-maintenance coifs. “Often times you get women saying, ‘I can’t exercise today because I don’t want to sweat my hair back or get my hair wet.’ When you’re starting to exercise, you look for reasons not to, and sometimes the hair is one of those reasons.”

Not gonna lie, in high school I was definitely guilty of sitting out some outdoor P.E. periods or team practices because it was drizzling and I wasn’t about to let that blow out I got from the Dominican lady get jacked up! Do you think Dr. Benjamin has a point? Or is her reasoning totally bogus? (Jezebel)

• Because they absolutely must be lavished with more unnecessary attention, Annie Leibovitz is throwing The Kardashians a much needed party. The affair will take place at the photographer’s Greenwich Village photo studio September 6th. You are all not invited. (Elle)

Hurricane Irene might not have been as devastating as we were led to believe, but it certainly managed to slow down Marc Jacobs‘s staff: “We lost the weekend with the hurricane,” Marc Jacobs CEO Robert Duffy told WWD. “That lost time is impossible to make up without pushing the show back. Our entire sample room – most of the people live outside the city and they couldn’t get in here this weekend, nor would we have wanted them to.” While the designer usually shows on the Monday night of Fashion Week at 8pm, to make up for lost time he’s pushed the show back to Tuesday, September 15 at 8:30 PM. Hurricane Irene: bringing true meaning to “When I come through ya town, everything shut down.” (Fashionista)

New Zealand Fashion Week is well under way, and to celebrate its arrival, M.A.C. Cosmetics covered models in body paint for the week’s opening ceremony. Thank goodness they used actual body paint, and not thousands of M.A.C. Paint Pots! (Racked)

• Because some folks are visual learners, watch Margherita Missoni talk about the Missoni tradition” and how they attempted to incorporate it into their collaboration with Target— just for us plebes. (Styleite)


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