The Fashion Bomb News Breakdown: Teen Vogue Names Elaine Welteroth New Beauty & Health Director, Over 400 Personal Items Stolen From Yves Saint Laurent, and Jay-Z Rides NYC Subway

• Teen Vogue has hired a new Beauty & Health director to replace Eva Chen. Who did they hire? None other than Glamour’s Senior Beauty Editor, Elaine Welteroth. Fashionista caught up with her and found out what her new gig entails, “I will be responsible for the direction of the beauty content in the magazine and online. Much like in my current role, my days will be filled with writing, editing, shooting, market work and, of course, lots of instagramming and tweeting. It’s a very creative job, naturally, but one of the differences between a senior beauty editor role and a director role is that it will require the business side of my brain as well.” We know Elaine personally, and can tell you the woman works hard. Congrats, Elaine! (Fashionista)

• It appears someone has stolen over 400 personal items from Yves Saint Laurent, according to the designer’s long time partner, Pierre Bergé. Items are said to include “Approximately 300 sketches, many of which were erotic, as well as a journal.”  The works seem to have been traveling between various owners. They once belonged to Laurent’s former partner, Fabrice Thomas, and was later acquired by an anonymous German businessman who currently wants to either sell or put them up for exhibition. Bergé, however, maintains the items were stolen. (Vogue UK)

• The Carter clan proves yet again that they are just like us, guys! This past weekend Jay-Z rode the NYC subway (peep that Basquiat tee), to his final Barclays show where he performed a decidedly flawless set with wife Beyoncé. Why is it that whenever I ride the train, I only get panhandlers asking me to donate “preferably snakeskin” bags to their cause, and these people get Jay-Z? Where’s the justice? (Gawker)

• In more YSL news, Anja Rubik models Hedi Slimane’s inaugural Saint Laurent collection on the brand’s relaunched website. Get into the fierce snaps here.  (Grazia)

• Dior spokesmodel, Mila Kunis, has overthrown Rihanna as the “Sexiest Woman Alive” by being awarded the honorable title by the folks over at Esquire magazine. It’s nice to see a petite, no fuss woman being revered for her innate sensuality. Work it, Mila! (Telegraph)


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