The Fashion Bomb News Breakdown: Teen Vogue Editors Brush Off Teenage Protestors, Team USA Uniforms Made in China (!), and Nordstrom to Add Topshop Boutiques

• On Wednesday, teen activists Emma Stydahar and Carina Cruz marched over to Condé Nast headquarters in Manhattan to deliver the 30,000 signature-strong petition they created asking Teen Vogue to stop using Photoshop on the models in their magazine, and to commit to using a more diverse range of models. Teen Vogue Editor-in-Chief Amy Astley met with Stydhar and Cruz, only to lecture them for five minutes on how misinformed they were about the Condé Nast title. “It was kind of shocking how rude they were to us, because Julia (the teenager who drew up a petition against Seventeen) had a really positive experience talking with Seventeen’s editor-in-chief,” said Cruz. “We assumed Teen Vogue would also want to hear what their readers think and do everything they can to help girls feel better about themselves and their bodies. Instead, they sat with us for 5 minutes and told us to do our homework.” Stydahar added; “We have done our homework. That’s why we started this campaign, because three out of every 4 girls feel bad about themselves after reading a fashion magazine. That’s not a statistic that the magazine industry should be proud of. It should change, and I know it will change if we continue demanding diverse, real images of beauty from Teen Vogue.” What do you think? Was the Teen Vogue staff rude to the young girls, or do Stydahar and Cruz have no case against the title? (BuzzFeed/Shift)

• People are outraged over Team USA’s Olympic Opening Ceremony uniforms deigned by Ralph Lauren. Not because they include weird hats and schoolmarm skirts, but because they were made in China. ABC News found that each item, from the questionable beret all the way down to the ivory loafers were made in Asia. Nanette Lepore, for one, is not amused. She told ABC News it would have “absolutely” been feasible for Lauren to produce the uniforms in the United States, and for less money. “Why shouldn’t we have pride not only in the American athletes, but in the American manufacturers and laborers who are the backbone of our country?”, she asked. Do you agree with Lepore, or do you respect Lauren’s hustle? (ABC News)


• Jenna Ushkowitz of Glee fame has teamed up with Wall Flower Jeans on a back-to-school denim collection. (Daily Mail)

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Ciaté, the geniuses behind the caviar manicure, is releasing another textured mani set sure to be on every fashionista’s wishlist this fall. The “Velvet” manicure follows a similar formula as its caviar predecessor, but instead of sprinkling your nails with tiny beads, you embellish them with a flurry of velvet flecks. The set is due out next month, and will no doubt sell out as quickly as the caviar manicure did. Will you be buying? (Beauty High)

Boxers or briefs? This alluring survey needs to know! Fill it out here if you’re so inclined.

• Starting in September, Nordstrom will carry Topshop items. The department store will introduce Topshop and Topman boutiques at 14 stores, with hopes of eventually carrying the brand in every Nordstrom. (NYT)


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