The Fashion Bomb News Breakdown: Spanish Magazine Depicts First Lady Michelle Obama as Topless Slave, Is John Galliano Suing Christian Dior?, and Tyra Banks’s People Finally Set the Record Straight on Her ‘Business Degree’

• Spanish magazine Fuera de Serie has come under fire for placing a painting of First Lady Michelle Obama‘s head superimposed onto a famous painting from the 1800s “Portrait d’une négresse” by French artist Marie-Guillemine Benoist. This particular photo of Mrs. Obama comes from a collection of famous nudes by artist Karine Pecheron-Daniels. (Christian Louboutin also recreated the original painting for his Fall 2011 campaign.) Several outlets have denounced the cover as racist and disrespectful, promoting the hypersexualization of black women. While I wouldn’t jump and say the magazine intended to call Ms. Obama a slave, I do think it’s wildly inappropriate to depict the First Lady in the nude, especially while her husband is in office. (HuffPost Style)

Mulberry will soon release its F/W 2012 Catwalk Collection of bags. Look for the popular Del Rey (named after Lana), Maisie, and Zig Zag bags in stores September 3rd.

Tyra Banks has been catching a lot of flack lately from a smattering of media outlets concerning her Harvard “Business School degree.Jenna Sauers of Jezebel called out the model mogul, saying Ms. Banks has made several misleading statements regarding the nature of the program she enrolled in, suggesting that she was actually a student at Harvard Business School. While Ty-Ty did indeed attend classes on the Harvard Business campus, she was never a student in the traditional sense. She attended a certificate course at the university called the Owner/President Management Program, which does not award participants a degree of any kind upon completion. In response to media claims that she consciously misrepresented herself, Tyra Banks’s people released the following statement: “Tyra has always been open and honest about the Owner/President Management Program that she attended and completed – a program taught as three one-month, 6-days-a-week sessions over the course of three years – at Harvard Business School and this has been well documented in many respected news outlets, including stories running as recently as two days ago in USA Today, Hollywood Reporter and Entertainment Weekly to name a few. Tyra is extremely proud of this accomplishment and rightly so – graduating from this program was a major feat and she continues to be an inspiration to people around the world.” What do you think? Does Tyra deserve to be called out? (Styleite)

Havaianas has tapped Mathhew Williamson to design a two-piece rain boot range. The boots boast Williamson’s signature peacock print, as well as prints featured in his Fall 2012 collection. No word yet on a release, but we’ll keep you posted. (Vogue UK)

John Galliano has allegedly filed an $18 million dollar suit against his former employers at Christian Dior. The former creative director has complained to France’s labor court, the Conseil des Prud’hommes, and a hearing has been scheduled for February 4th. A rep for Galliano has declined to comment on the situation, so we don’t yet know if this suit has to do with Galliano’s dismissial from the label back in 2011. (Vogue UK)


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