The Fashion Bomb News Breakdown: Solange Knowles for Carol’s Daughter Relaxed to Natural Solution Kit, Michelle Williams is Designing Now, and The Olsen Twins Snag a CFDA Award

Solange Knowles continues in the tradition of flawlessness in her newest video ad campaign for Carol’s Daughter Relaxed-to-Natural Solution Kit.

See her work it in the short clip above. (The Fashion Fiend)

• Just as I’d happily forgotten his barely relevant existence, Glenn Beck is back, with a thirst as unquenchable as ever. This time, Mr. Beck is aiming his vitriol at one Anna Wintour, over the video promoting her fundraising dinner for the Barack Obama campaign. Not only does the noted Teabagger call the British Wintour an American, making fun of her “fake” accent, but he calls into question the Vogue editrix’s credibility in representing the campaign: “You don’t hire someone or get into bed with or have somebody do the fundraiser for you who they made a true life story. A true to life movie about and called it The Devil Wears Prada. She was the devil part! She was the person who actually was in the movie treating all of her co-workers, her underlings, like garbage, waiting on her every whim. She is — she is — what [Barack Obama] says capitalists are like all the time. She is everything she says the Republicans are and she’s an Obama supporter.” Then, Mr. Beck, now that Obama’s “in bed” with “American” “capitalists,” does he have your vote? (Huff Post)

• Former Destiny’s Child backup singer Michelle Williams is venturing into the fashion world. The Broadway star is designing in collaboration with African brand Koshie O as part of the “Koshie O Woman” campaign. Michelle’s pieces will be available next spring.


Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen won the Womenswear Designer of the Year award at last night’s CFDA awards. Other winners included Billy Reid for Menswear and Reed Krakoff for accessories. Don’t forget to watch the full ceremony today on (WWD)


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