The Fashion Bomb News Breakdown: Roberto Cavalli Lashes Out at the Camera Nazionale della Moda, Oscar de la Renta Fires Back at Cathy Horyn in WWD, and Matthew Williamson to Unveil First Footwear Range

Roberto Cavalli held up a football stadium-sized umbrella to shade the Camera Nazionale della Moda, Dolce & Gabbana, and Giorgio Armani in a post on his personal blog titled, “The Uselessness of the Camera Nazionale della Moda”. Cavalli leaves no hairpiece unsnatched, accusing the CNdM of neglecting the needs of Italian designers who are not Giorgio Armani, Domenico Dolce or Stefano Gabbana. Said Cavalli: “Camera Nazionale della Moda limits itself to scheduling fashion shows, twice a year. The Cavalli maison has always been a member of the fashion chamber. I think that Armani is a member, too, but his every choice is perceived as an order! Dolce & Gabbana are not members but they don’t care about others and pursue their own interests as if they were the only fashion house in Italy. Other relevant Italian brands are owned by French companies and, as usual, Italians pull out the red carpet for foreigners. The Camera Nazionale della Moda supports only big names, giving small companies what’s left.” So why is Cavalli so upset? Apparently, his Spring 2013 show was scheduled on Monday, September 19th, the final day of Milan Fashion Week. Armani usually closes out the week, but his show was moved to Sunday, as he plans to unveil  an exhibition on the same day. Cavalli is the only big name showing on Monday, and he fears that journalists will skip his show to make it to Paris Fashion Week. “As usual, the Camera Nazionale della Moda is washing its hands of the situation and it will not go against the wishes of ‘Little King’ Armani, and therefore the problems are mine alone. What can I do? Do I stay the final day, running the risk that some foreign journalists will forego my show, or should I overlap with smaller fry, smaller brands, acting as some of my colleagues do?”  Tell ’em why you mad, Roberto! (WWD)

• The shade doesn’t stop with Cavalli. Oscar de la Renta just published a scathing open letter in Women’s Wear Daily to New York Times fashion critic Cathy Horyn. The designer penned the epistle in response to this review of his Spring 2013 show, in which Horyn calls the 80-year-old designer “far more a hot dog than an éminence grise of American fashion.” Ouch! De la Renta, obviously too old for this mess, fired back at the journalist saying, “I respect and accept criticism because in many ways it does help us develop; I try to make my work better each time. What I do not accept is when criticism is personal. If you have the right to call me a hot dog, why do I not have the right to call you a stale 3-day old hamburger?” Ladies and gents, that’s a read! You can read the whole letter here. What do you think? Was de la Renta right in publishing this? (TheCut Twitter)

Kenzo Takada may have retired from his eponymous label, but that doesn’t mean that he has stopped working. The designer has teamed up with atelier 10 Royale for a 20-piece fine jewelry line. (WWD)

Matthew Williamson is set to debut his first footwear collection during his Spring 2013 show on Sunday. Williamson teamed up with rising shoe designer Joanne Stoker to create a 12-piece range of platforms, flats, and mid-height heels, all gloriously embellished in Williamson’s signature aesthetic. I’m digging the shoes, but they look a little Kirkwood-esque, no? What do you think? (Vogue UK)


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