The Fashion Bomb News Breakdown: Rob Evans Released from Jail, YSL CEO Paul Deneve Writes an Open Letter to WWD, and Sam & Libby Make A Comeback

ANTM judge Rob Evans has finally turned himself in to the Beverly Hills Police Department, after a warrant was issued for his arrest on felony assault charges. 25 minutes after arriving at the station, the model was released on $60,000 bail. Wow! In and out without having to miss Thanksgiving dinner! (The YBF )

•In other male model news, Robin Givhan chats with Armando Cabral, J.Crew’s “Exotic Boy Next Door.” (The Daily Beast)

• Family, good will towards your fellow man… Let’s be real, the holidays are about one thing: Consumerism. In celebration, here’s a short video of some terrifying scenes from WalMart on Black Friday. To think, all this hubbub over some flat screen TV’s that are going to be obsolete in six months. (Gawker)

• Everybody’s wondering what in tarnation Nicolas Ghesquière is going to do now that he’s left Balenciaga. While some suspect the designer may  start his own line, Pierre Mallevays of boutique investment bank Savingy Partners, says we’d be wise not to hold our breaths on Ghesquière getting funding for such a project. “I don’t see private equity or hedge funds backing (a Ghesquière) brand, because of time horizon and fashion risk,” he told WWD. “Only a strong group with a confident vision and the means to boot would seriously contemplate that. The temptation for any such potential backer will be to try to apply Ghesquière’s talent to an established brand with operating leverage, not just to a start-up, however prestigious.”  There is also speculation on whether an already-established luxury brand will scoop up Ghesquière, but according  to sources, “Ghesquière said he intends to take some time off, though he has already been approached regarding several projects,some of an artistic nature,” WWD reports, “He is said to be seriously considering mounting a signature brand, while remaining open to opportunities working for another couture name.” Of course, a talent like Ghesquière won’t stay too long on the sidelines of fashion. However, instead of worrying our pretty heads about this, I think we can rest assured that this isn’t the last we’ve seen of the designer. (WWD)

Paul Deneve, CEO of YSL, SLP, or whatever, is none too pleased with an article published November 19th in WWD titled “Paris Match,” which compares Raf Simons‘s debut Dior RTW collection with Hedi Slimane‘s at Saint Laurent.  Deneve says the article unfairly calls critics’s reactions to Slimane’s debut “comparatively tepid,” having only quoted three editors who did not give Slimane positive coverage. Deneve also doesn’t like the fact that WWD pitted the two designers against each other in the first place: “I regret that the best-known and oldest trade journal in the fashion industry should reduce the collective talent of all designers showing in Paris to a so-called duel between two fashion houses and two men,” he writes, “The article accords little space to the many other creative talents who showed during Paris Fashion Week and it was about so much more than Hedi vs. Raf. Finally, to caricature the arrival of Hedi Slimane at Yves Saint Laurent to a banal rivalry with another house or designer encourages people to relegate fashion to a sideshow rather than the main event.”  (WWD)

• Remember Sam& Libby? Well, Target has big plans to relaunch the brand this May with a collection unique to the retailer. The range will include shoes of all heights, with prices starting at $25. Good to see a familiar brand make a comeback! (WWD)


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