The Fashion Bomb News Breakdown: Rihanna’s New Auburn Hair Color, Amar’e Stoudemire Reveals Promos For New Underwear Line, House of Deréon Takes You To The “City Jungle” for Fall 2011

• What’s more important than the debate on Capitol Hill to raise the debt ceiling? Rihanna‘s hair, of course! Here’s a photo of her new, subtler, auburn hair color. Hot! or Hmm… (Rihanna Daily)

Coach is releasing its classic bags in hot new colors, like this kiwi green shade. Fun, huh? Prices range from $298 to $498. Get yours at (Purse Blog)

Franca Sozzani is turning over to the people! Once a week, a post on her editor’s blog will be written by a reader. Along with their pitches, she’s released a list of each guest blogger so we know what to expect come October when the readers take the wheel. Are her attempts making fashion more accessible hurting its hallowed exclusivity? Or does reader participation encourage loyalty to the Vogue Italia brand? What do you think? (

Amar’e Stoudemire is blogging. Basketball blog Posting and Toasting, has revealed two posts from Stoudemire’s soon-to-launch fashion/sports website. In one post, Stoudemire gives us a teaser image from the ad campaign for his new underwear line. He explains, “Yeah, you know, with this ad I wanted to convey how my line of underwears is so sexy that I can’t even show them in the ad. If you think about it, for the common man, not a lot of people will see your underwears on a regular basis so this ad is, like, keeping you guessing just like the people around you.” The command of language: masterful. Loving the juxtaposition of “convey” and “underwears.”(Racked)

Atuai Deng poses for photographer Seye Isikalu. Styling by Aida Dolrahim. I love how the green eyeliner pops against her deep-toned skin! (Beauty is Diverse)

• The look for House of Deréon‘s Fall 2011 collection? “City jungle.” Tina Knowles says: “The combination of colors, exotic prints and silhouettes make for a cohesive collection with tremendous appeal. Beyoncé and I are so proud of the line-up and we can’t wait to see the consumer’s response and how she makes it her own.” Get excited! (The Cut)


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