The Fashion Bomb News Breakdown: Rihanna to Cover Vogue A Second Time, Denzel Washington Covers GQ’s Ocober Isuse, and Chanel Pays Knitwear Supplier €200,000 in Counterfeiting Ruling


Rihanna let it slip on twitter that she’s shooting her second US Vogue cover with Annie Leibovitz. “It’s a big day for me!!! I’m shooting my SECOND AMERICAN #VOGUE COVER and it’s with none other than thee Annie Leibovitz again! #VogueLife.” I guess that tea was supposed to stay in the pot, because she soon deleted the tweet. Oops! Are you excited for Riri’s cover? (The Cut)

Rumor has it (see what I did there?) that Adele was approached by Burberry‘s Christopher Bailey to discuss a possible collaboration in which the ’21’ crooner would help design a plus-sized range for the brand. Neither Burberry or Adele’s people have confirmed (or denied) this partnership, so maybe it’s actually in the works? A girl can dream. (Vogue UK)

Denzel Washington, I realize you’re old enough to be my father, but that doesn’t make you any less hot. The celebrated actor still looks foine as hell on the cover of GQ‘s October issue. (Just Jared)

• As if we needed a reason to love her more, Carine Roitfeld melted our hearts, gushing to Grazia about being a grandmother for the first time: “And I forget how… reassuring [it is]… to have a baby on you; it makes me very quiet. because it’s so small, and finally she’s so nice; and to relax, and… no phone, and you can’t talk, and you just….’ She inhales deeply. ‘At the same time… breathing with the baby.” Ugh, can I just get pregnant right now? (Grazia)

• In an opposite day-style turn of events, a storied fashion house is paying dues for copyright infringement. World Tricot, former knitwear supplier for Chanel, took the French brand to court for almost €4 million, claiming Chanel copied one of their crochet patterns. World Tricot also says the brand abruptly and unlawfully ended a business relationship with them. Initially, the French courts dismissed World Tricot’s case, ordering them to pay Chanel €200,000 Euros, but the court of appeals has since overturned this decision, and now, Chanel’s the one coughing up cash. Chanel has not yet decided whether they will appeal this ruling. (Telegraph)


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