The Fashion Bomb News Breakdown: Publisher of Jackie is Not Actually Sorry for Calling Rihanna ‘N’ Word, Zara’s Semiannual Sale Starts Today, and Rihanna’s Video for You Da One

Yves Gijrath, publisher of Jackie magazine “will not be silenced” (his words), and is redacting former Editor-in-Chief Eva Hoeke‘s apology for calling Rihanna a “niggabitch”, saying, “[T]here is nothing wrong in the magazine. [Hoeke] presented it as a joke, but it most certainly was not a joke. It was an interpretation [of a fashion style]. […] She should have said: “we did not realize this interpretation is such a touchy subject. We never meant any harm and offer our sincere and upright apologies.” But because of all the fuss, Eva started to wiggle in all directions, and therefore we have come to the conclusion her credibility has been undermined.” Mr. Gijrath is essentially sorry that we’re dense enough to be offended, and our backlash has damaged Eva Hoeke’s precious credibility. He continues, “People are totally off limits when calling both the magazine Jackie and Eva Hoeke racist. Jackie is even produced by an editorial staff that is of mixed origins.” Yes, Yves, how can Jackie do anything racist when they have an editorial staff of “mixed origins?” Yet I wonder how this beautiful rainbow of a multicultural staff let a word so racist and glaring like “niggabitch,” slip through the cracks? I think it’s time for Mr. Gijath to take a physical and metaphorical seat. (Fashionista)

Tracy Reese has teamed up with Fashion Fights Cancer to design a limited edition set of tote bags. The $40 carryalls are available online and at Tracy Reese’s flagship store at 641 Hudson Street. 100% of the proceeds go to the FFC. (WWD)

Zara‘s semiannual sale starts today. Enjoy discounts (which get lower every week) on overpriced designer knockoffs. As a former Zara employee, I beg of you, please try to keep the t-shirt tables neat when you’re shopping the sale. Don’t throw them around all willy-nilly. It’s hard and extremely stressful for the sales associates to constantly fold and refold them! (Racked)

Ivanka Trump‘s people are firing back at Derek Lam, saying their charges of copyright infringement are unfounded. Marc Fisher, producer of Ms. Trump’s shoe line says: “The Lam wedge sandals are of a popular design type that has been used by numerous manufacturers for many decades. There is nothing iconic about the appearance of the Lam sandal…The Ivanka Trump sandals prominently display the Ivanka Trump name, and there can be no confusion as to the source of the Ivanka Trump sandals. Therefore, Marc Fisher Footwear, the licensee of the Ivanka Trump brand, strongly denies Lam’s claims.” (WWD)

• And in case you’re not tired of hearing news about Rihanna, here’s the full video for her new single You Da One (Hello Beautiful)

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