The Fashion Bomb News Breakdown: Peep Vogue Italia’s Haute Mess, Did Lie Sang Bong Use Blackface in His Fall 2012 Show?, and Robin Givhan Says Bloggers Lack Critical Eye

• Peep the full editorial for Vogue Italia’s ‘Haute Mess,’ photographed by Steven Miesel. It can only be described as glorious high fashion rachetness. (Fashion Copious)


Please watch the adorable Alber Elbaz sing ‘Que Sera, Sera’ in celebration of his 10th anniversary at Lanvin. Yes, folks, Alber is so awesome that he give us a present for this 10th anniversary.   (Youtube)


•Jean Paul Gaultier has been appointed Creative Director of Diet Coke. He will bring his creative flair and fashion prowess to a limited edition collection of bottles and cans. Can’t wait to see!

• Designer Lie Sang Bong sent his models down the runway with their faces partially painted brown. To me, this look is dangerously teetering into blackface territory; but do you think  this racist, or just a case of quirky artistic license? For reference, this designer has previously used black models in his shows. (Now Fashion)


• Marc Jacobs stepped out with Mr. Slave architect and designer Peter Marino for the Louis Vuitton– Marc Jacobs exhibition photocall at the Musée des Arts Décoratifs. Jacobs chose a polo shirt dress and buckled shoes from his namesake collection for the occasion.  (Daily Mail)




• Pulitzer Prize winning fashion critic Robin Givhan (who Karl Lagerfeld says he’s never heard of… *side eye*) thinks that bloggers suck up too much to brands. Since most bloggers have never worked as journalists, she argues that they are ill-equipped to properly review fashion shows, and instead end up singing designers’s praises without casting that pertinent critical eye. “It’s got to be more than just ‘I loved it or I hated it,’ ” says Givhan. “You’ve got to explain your thinking — how you got there. Criticism is not personal opinion. At its best it’s opinion based on a set of facts that are set in context. I’ve seen shows that I’ve loved but I knew that critically they were not great. And vice versa.”  (The Star)



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