The Fashion Bomb News Breakdown: Nicole Richie Named “Influencer of the Year,” Lanvin Book in the Works, and Sessilee Lopez Launches A Food Blog

Nicole Richie has been named the “Influencer of the Year” by the Accessories Council of Excellence for her thriving brand,  House of Harlow 1960. What’s the key to her success? “With everything I do, I want to make sure that I take the time and make each category the best that it can be. To me, success isn’t measured by dollar signs. It’s really about paying attention to feedback and talking to my customer and I’m able to do that with the various appearances I do — and also through Twitter and Facebook. I absolutely would never design anything that I wouldn’t wear myself. But for me, the most important thing is to listen to my customers and get their feedback — I design for them.” Well, alright! Whoever it is she designs for, House of Harlow has some hot pieces, and it’s nice to see a celebrity jewelry line that’s actually cute, and not just a name slapped on a random assemblage of products. Congratulations to Nicole! (Racked)

• Washington, DC takes the #1 spot as the most shopaholic city in the country. The biggest surprise about this list? Out of ten cities, New York is nowhere to be seen! I guess we’re just too busy paying our exorbitant rents and overpriced subway fees to shop as they do in the capital. (HuffPost)

• Want to know how a Lanvin collection comes together? You will soon have all that information available to you on your coffee table. At a party celebrating the opening of Lanvin boutiques on Rodeo Dr and in Malibu, CA (a year later at that), creative director Alber Elbaz mentioned to the LA times that he is working on a whopping 700-page book chronicling the making of a single Lanvin collection. But judging by how spectacular and chic his collections are season to season, I don’t think 700 pages will be enough! (LA Times)

Anna Wintour is sick of the flack powerful women get after they pose for Vogue: “When women are in positions of power, and they’re featured in a women’s magazine like Vogue…they tend to be incredibly unfairly criticized. It’s an incredibly old-fashioned approach. Just because you’re in a position of power, and you look good and you enjoy fashion — does that mean you’re an idiot, or that it’s not seemly to be in a woman’s magazine? If a man is in GQ, they don’t get the same kind of criticism.” Preach, Winnie, preach! (WSJ)

* Surprise! Models eat! Solid foods, too! Top model Sessilee Lopez tweeted a link to her new food blog, The Best by Sess, where she shares her favorite recipes for delectable treats like Red Velvet Sandwich Cookies and Maryland Blue Crab, and gives us the lowdown on her favorite places to eat. I love it! Now to get homegirl to cook a meal for me… (Sessilee Lopez’s Twitter)



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