The Fashion Bomb News Breakdown: Nicole Richie for QVC, June Ambrose to Release Her Own Clothing Line, and Chanel’s “Boy Bag” Campaign Video

• Oxygen has a reality show about New York City thrifters. Thrift Wars “provides an outrageous and entertaining look at New York’s leading and most hardcore thrifters … as they scour the city for the hottest vintage clothing and accessories — and try to make a profit.” You know that gritty feeling you get on your hands after rifling through clothes at the thrift store? I just got that sensation right now, through my whole body. (The Cut)

Nicole Richie is designing a range for QVC. The line will consist of (surprise!) Ms. Richie’s usual fare: flowy maxidresses and skirts, hobo bags, kimono jackets, and frothy printed blouses. Prices range from $75 to $250. Richie will debut the collection on the network’s The Buzz on the Red Carpet — Live From L.A. show on February 24th. Mark your calendars, if you strongly feel the need for another printed maxi. (WWD)

Jenna Lyons, Creative Director of J.Crew, told ABC News that First Lady Michelle Obama buys products from the store at full price, and has never once asked for a discount: “She acts like a customer and she has a stylist who helps her, but she doesn’t call in any special favors. They don’t ask for any discounts. It’s pretty unbelievable. She still continues to wear the product without any help from us.” This might be surprising if Ms. Obama was an ordinary celebrity, but she’s the wife of the President of the United States. It probably wouldn’t be that great for her husband’s political career if she was getting discount or free cashmere sweaters from the retailer. Michelle Obama: she’s just like us! (because right now, she has to be!) (Daily Mail)

June Ambrose is really making moves these days. The YBF caught up with her at LaQuan Smith‘s fall presentation, where Ambrose dished about her latest project: her very own clothing line! “I am… finishing up my sample collection for my own line–my women’s contemporary line. We hopefully will be in markets for Fall 2012.” If her line at all reflects her personal style, it’s sure to be nothing short of fabulous! (The YBF)

• If you’re not a fan of Nicki Minaj‘s over-the-top looks, you might want her to hire stylist Phillip Bloch. At Wednesday’s M.A.C Viva Glam launch party, he dished about his sartorial vision for the rapper: “I’d love to do Nicki very old-school Hollywood. I’ve always had the dream to take these girls who dress a little over-the-top, more theatrical, and take them and do a whole, like, old Hollywood thing.” (The Cut)

• You can add Chanel‘s new boy bags to the long list of things you can’t afford. In the meantime, check out the campaign video, shot by none other than Karl Lagerfeld, starring Alice Dellal, who for some reason still thinks the half shaven head look is cute. (Racked)

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