The Fashion Bomb News Breakdown: New Documentary on First Black Models in the Works, PETA Protests Completely Bare Spas, and Obama Supports the Internet

• A documentary on the first black models to walk the high fashion runways is currently in production. Versailles ’73: An American Revolution will focus on the stories of black models like China Machado, Bethann Hardison, Pat Clevland, and more, and their experiences of breaking into a fashion industry that was even more whitewashed than it is today.

Pat Cleveland

The documentary will be finished in March. We’ll let you know when it comes out! (Coco + Creme)

left, J.W. Anderson, right, Mark Fast

ALDO Rise teamed up with four up and coming British designers, Mark Fast, J.W. Anderson, and Justin Thornton and Thea Bragazzi of Preen on a limited edition shoe collection, now available at Selfridges in London. If you’re not in the UK, don’t worry, will have them come February 22nd, and the whole collection will be in ALDO stores worldwide starting March 8th. (UK Telegraph)

• Yesterday, we took part in the protest against the SOPA and PIPA legislation, which if put into law would allow copyright holders and the U.S. government to seek legal action against websites they feel are guilty of copyright infringement. The Obama administration sent out an email to his supporters reassuring everyone that the upcoming legislation on online piracy will indeed not suppress the open internet. “Over the weekend, President Obama’s administration said that legislation addressing online piracy is needed this year — but it will not support any bill that reduces freedom of expression, increases cybersecurity risk, or undermines the global internet. Answering thousands of Americans who signed petitions asking the President to protect the open and innovative internet, the administration laid out what they will — and will not — accept when it comes to addressing online piracy. Folks spoke out on this issue — and President Obama listened. Stand with the President in support of a free and open internet” At least he’s on our side!

• PETA is railing against Completely Bare spas, owned by Housewife alum Cindy Barshop. The spas offer “the foxy bikini,” a special treatment that replaces your natural coarse and curlies with a landing strip of glorious fox fur. While I usually don’t side with PETA, I can absolutely see why they are outraged about this frivolous use of animal fur. However, I’m more upset that people are spending $235 for a swatch of fur that not only has 0 function, but stays on for only three days. This is why we hate the 1%. (Today)

Forever 21 is being sued again, this time by their own employees. Five former workers are filing a class action lawsuit against the fast fashion retailer, claiming they were forced to continue working off the clock and denied lunch breaks. (HuffPost)

• Our favorite it-girl Solange Knowles shares photos of the European vacation she forgot to invite us on. Next time, Solo, next time. (My Damn Blog)

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