The Fashion Bomb News Breakdown: Nelson Mandela’s 46664 Clothing Line Launch, A Look at The Muppets x Opening Ceremony Collection, and Christian Lacroix’s New Collaborative Furniture Collection

• The Nelson Mandela Foundation has launched a sportswear line, 46664, named after his prison ID number. While I haven’t rocked a polo in a minute, Mr. Mandela might be getting me back into the trend with these bold hues.

Think you would wear his gear ? (Jezebel)

• Don’t you wish the CFDA would stop commissioning designers to make fab capsule collections and limited edition pieces? As part of their CDFA/Vogue Eyewear 2011 project “The City,” the council has called upon Rebecca Minkoff to design a pair of sunglasses worthy of shading the eyes of any platform wedge teetering fashionista. Minkoff offers these “The Bowery” shades, named after the famed New York City street that used to be a mecca for drunk hobos, but now boasts overpriced real estate, complete with the most trendy roaches and rats the city has to offer. If anything, these sleek shades make perfect eye-guards for those mornings after celebrating The Bowery’s true roots. Get yours starting September 29th at Sunglass Hut. (Fashionista)

• Here’s a piece from The Muppets x Opening Ceremony collection. It is, as I’m sure you expected, mostly just some tees and sweatshirts (and a sprinkling of button downs) with Muppets on them. (Fashionista)

• And now, some vintage Kanye West, performing a poetry slam version of “All Falls Down,” complete with the staccato meter and renegade vocal inflections we expect from the genre. Kanye West: transcending all genres from the very beginning. (Refinery29)

• In collaboration with Italian mosaic artist Sicis, Christian Lacroix has created a furniture collection I imagine one might find in the townhouse of Absolutely Fab’s Edina Monsoon. Yet Lacroix used a more obscure reference as the inspiration for his design, as he tried to “imagine how a modern-day Theodora would decorate her home.” Theodora, by the by was the daughter of a bear trainer who grew up to be a courtesan and a political and women’s rights activist. Would you put any of these pieces in your home? (Racked)


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