The Fashion Bomb News Breakdown: Miu Miu Glitter Pumps Now Available, Skullcandy x D&G Headphones, and Marc Jacobs’s Retrospective at Louis Vuitton Flagship in Milan

• Shoe lovers, rejoice! Miu Miu Fall 2011 glitter pumps are now on sale for $650 at select Miu Miu boutiques worldwide. Indulge your inner Dorothy with heels in glittering blue, pink, orange, and fuchsia.

Squeal! (Miu Miu )

Skullcandy and D&G have teamed up to create limited edition headphones, adding to the list of expensive but lustworthy headphones on the market. I already don’t have Beats by Dre, so thank you, Skull Candy, for reminding me how off point my headphone game is. (Stylecaster)

• In a move all but confirming Marc Jacobs‘s imminent move to Dior, Louis Vuitton is doing a retrospective of Jacobs’ work for them over the years. Those bag-shaped mannequin heads are the buisness! (StyleCaster)

• In one of the most questionable decisions I’ve heard in a long time, Vice sent one of its journalists (Elektra, pictured) to London Fashion Week on acid. Yes. Someone took a tab of acid, and subsequently ventured into the madness of Fashion Week! While I imagine I would have been cowering in a corner somewhere in that position, it seems the young lady was quite content through her experience. “I feel like I’ve been through so much. And SEEN so much. Good stuff and bad. I feel that, from now on, nobody should ever go to fashion week not on acid. It would be stupid.” Hah, I’ll pass. (Fashionista)

• It always seems like the wealthiest folks get the most (and best) free stuff, but this is not so if you’re Daphne Guinness. She says she paid for all the brilliant couture pieces she owns. This might seem improbable due to the close relationships she had with noted designers like Alexander McQueen,  but she credits this closeness to the fact that she actually purchased their pieces: “I think that’s why I had close relationships with these [designers]; it’s because I wasn’t trying to use them. It was an equal thing. They knew I was in it for the right reasons and I knew they were in it for the right reasons. And, when you are a designer, a lot of these people don’t have any money. People think because they have a name that they have money, but they don’t. They put their heart and soul into it. They really do. A lot of people feel entitled about it and like they don’t have to give back. I find that so disrespectful to someone’s art, especially knowing how many hours of work they have put into it.” No more reasons to love you, please, Daphne, thanks. (Stylefile)

Forever 21 is set to release a collaboration with Hello Kitty this weekend. Yesterday afternoon, the fast fashion retailer held a little preview of the collection, and even as someone who is not into Hello Kitty– the  looks are all pretty cute! I see you HK! (Forever 21)

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