The Fashion Bomb News Breakdown: Mikki Taylor Pens Michelle Obama Style Book, Raf Simons to Dior?, and Spandex is Making America Fat

• Here’s another coffee table book to add to your Holiday wishlist. Former Essence magazine Editor-in-Chief, Mikki Taylor, recently released Commander in Chic: Every Woman’s Guide to Managing Her Style Like a First Lady, a book chronicling the iconic style of First Lady Michelle Obama. Included are style tips on how to dress like Mrs. O, as well as a list of Michelle’s fashion must-haves. I’m pretty sure belts, cardigans, and kitten heels are prominently featured. (WWD)

• For those of you fancy people who winter in warm climates, Opening Ceremony‘s very first resort collection is available for purchase online. Oh, and take me with you. (Racked)

WWD reports that Dior is close to making a deal with Jil Sander creative director Raf Simons as John Galliano‘s replacement at the famed house. This saga has been dragging out for months, first with recently halted negotiations with Marc Jacobs, and names like Riccardo Tisci and Alexander Wang being added to the rumored list of possible successors. Many kinks need to be worked out, however, the main one being Simons’ extended contract with Jil Sander, which seems to have an ambiguous expiration date. While I think Simons is a good choice, I still liked Franca Sozzani‘s idea of reinstating Galliano after his stint in rehab. What do you think? (WWD)

Sasha and Malia's hair is layed like...

Amy Odell over at The Cut feels the attention Sasha and Malia Obama are getting for their sartorial choices is out of line. “We should let them be kids,” says she, but then continues on to justify the coverage of Elle Fanning, 13, and Chloe Moretz, 14, saying “[T]hese young women are building careers around their fashion-forward image, probably angling for a spot in the same sphere of influence as someone like two-time Vogue cover girl and Chanel face Blake Lively. Unlike these young actresses (and their mother Michelle, even), Sasha and Malia are not posing for fashion magazines or endorsing certain labels.” I think the bigger question here is, why are we as grown women looking at little girls who can’t even buy cigarettes as fashion icons? You can’t have it both ways! (The Cut)

Hello Kitty covers December’s ELLE Taiwan 20th anniversary issue. Is this terrifying to anyone else? (Sassi Sam)

• While you thought Edward Enninful hates leggings because they are trashy, it’s really because they make America fat– or so suggest the folks over at NPR. They estimate that about 80% of clothing purchased last year has contained spandex. Some are blaming the stretchy fabric for encouraging America’s growing waistlines. They say, “many wonder whether spandex is encouraging people to be bigger.” Spandex is easy to fit into, as it stretches and molds to the body. Since so many trendy clothes are made with the fabric, larger people are able to wear pieces they otherwise (and sometimes still) wouldn’t quite fit: “‘Is that the sign of decline of Western civilization? Perhaps,’ says Ed Gribbin, president of Alvanon, a clothing size and fit consulting firm in Manhattan. ‘Some of us cringe when we see the things that we see. Some people will be poured into a garment and think they look fabulous, and someone else might look at that person and think that’s not very attractive.'” Fat people in spandex: clearly the first of the Seven Horsemen. Let us watch and pray. (NPR)

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