The Fashion Bomb News Breakdown: Michelle Obama’s Custom Tracy Reese DNC Dress Will Hit Stores Soon, Rihanna Cuts Her Hair, and Christian Louboutin Kinda Wins Copyright Infringement Case Against YSL

• Happy Fashion Week, kids! Here’s what’s going on at tents today: 9 AM Nicholas K, 10 AM BCBGMAXAZRIA 10:30-11:30 AM Kaelen, 11:00 AM Richard Chai, 1:00 PM Chadwick Bell, 2:00 PM Tadashi Shoji, 2:30-3:30 PM Monika Chiang, 3:00 PM Arise Magazine Presents: African Icons, 4:00 PM Supima, Kate Wilkoff, Jackie Siefert, Eduardo Calvo, Abby Glass, Kyle Pearson, Meredith Lyon, Natalie Yepes, Yvonne Luong, 7:00 PM The Art Institute of New York City. (MBFW)

• Who didn’t love that fabulous custom Tracy Reese dress First Lady Michelle Obama wore to make her now *legendary* speech at the DNC? Well, try to contain yourselves, people, because Tracy Reese announced on the Today Show this morning that the dress will soon be available at a store near you. For under $500, you, too can rock the raw silk brocade dress the First Lady wore just two nights ago. Reese says they were “planning the dress for later,” but it was such a hit that now they “are trying to rush it through the cycle so more people can get their hands on it sooner.” Fabulous! So, Bombers, which of you plan to get your hands on the frock before it sells out? (Styleite)

• Oscar de la Renta was honored with the Couture Council’s Award for Artistry last night at Lincoln Center. Mayor Bloomberg presented the legendary designer with the award. Said De la Renta: “I’m an unbelievably lucky man. I love what I do… Today, if you play tennis, you can be a really good designer,Or, if you’re an actress, you can be a designer. I’ve been at it for 45 years and I’m still learning my craft on a daily basis.” The shade of it all. Congratulations to Mr. de la Renta for a well-deserved honor! (WWD)

Rihanna‘s cut her hair! The “You Da One” singer has once again changed up her look, rocking an updated version of the short pixie cut she used to sport. Riri is supposed to perform at the VMA’s tonight, I wonder if she’ll appear with her new haircut, or wear a piece? What do you think? (Daily Mail)

 Kate Upton of all models is one of the cover girls for C.R. Fashion Book‘s debut issue. Oh, and apparently Kanye West‘s womenswear collection makes an appearance in the mag. (Fashionista)

Christian Louboutin has reason to celebrate, now that the New York federal court of appeals has upheld the designer’s trademark red sole in the case against Yves Saint Laurent (a case which, to be honest, feels like it’s been going on for about a zillion years). Said the court: “We see no reason why a single-color mark in the specific context of the fashion industry could not acquire secondary meaning―and therefore serve as a brand or source identifier―if it is used so consistently and prominently by a particular designer that it becomes a symbol, ‘the primary significance’ of which is “to identify the source of the product rather than the product itself.” So, what’s the catch? No one’s allowed to use the red sole unless the shoe is entirely red. If you remember, the shoe Louboutin sued YSL over was an all-red pump so, according to the courts, the storied French fashion house is not guilty of trademark infringement– although the case will now go to a lower court. (Yes, drag the thing out, why don’t we?) Said the folks over at YSL: “This is a complete win for YSL. The Court has conclusively ruled that YSL’s monochromatic red shoes do not infringe any trademark rights of Louboutin, which guarantees that YSL can continue to make monochromitic shoes in a wide variety of colors, including red… YSL’s ready-to-wear shoe collections have included styles with red (and other colored) outsoles since the 1970s, long before the existence of the Louboutin brand. The specific styles at issue in Louboutin’s lawsuit are only the most recent examples of a time-honored YSL tradition of offering monochrome shoes in an array of colors, including red. According to YSL, Louboutin has been wrong from the start to suggest that YSL made monochromatic red-soled shoes in order to imitate Louboutin’s design. YSL is a venerated fashion house with the utmost in creative talent and has no need to trade on the good will of other brands. YSL will continue to make fair use of the color red, along with all the other colors in its designers’ palettes, in the design of its monochromatic shoes.” (Fashionista)

• If you live in Highland Park, Illinois, or near the Arboretum Market in Austin, Texas, you’d better run to Saks Fifth Avenue while you can, because both those stores are closing on Dec. 31st. (WWD)

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