The Fashion Bomb News Breakdown: Lyndsey Scott, Betty Adewole, and more Pose for V Magazine, Gisele Bundchen Covers Brazilian Vogue’s September Issue, and Christian Louboutin Makes 8-Inch Pointe Shoes

Betty Adewole, Lyndsey Scott, Sedene Blake, Kinee Diouf , Bonnie Chen and Marlena look lovely in stripes for V Magazine’s January 2011 issue. (Beauty is Diverse)

• Poor kid! A child model closing the Smalto runway show during men’s fashion week in Paris cried mini model tears all the way down the catwalk. How avant-garde. (Fashionista)

Kim Kardashian‘s wedding dress will be designed by Vera Wang, and she will wear custom heels from Christian Louboutin. So basically, Kim Kardashian has stolen all of our wedding day outfit plans. I bet the soles on those Louboutins will be blue, too– just like how I want. Why, that rich little so and so! (Styleite)

• Since there are absolutely no eligible beautiful black people models in Brazil to cover the ever-important September issue of Vogue Brazil, Gisele Bundchen fills this void with four different covers for the glossy. Good for you, Gisele, we know how much you desperately need the work. (Fashion Gone Rogue)

• Are websites like GILT and Rue LaLa hurting the luxury fashion industry? The Wall Street Journal seems to think so: “Due to a surge in sample-sale websites like Gilt Groupe, the cachet once associated with owning a name-brand designer has been significantly diluted; getting your hands on a Marc Jacobs bag is easier than it’s ever been. This, combined with a post-recession wariness of conspicuous logo-flaunting and an eco-fueled desire for small-batch, low-impact authenticity, may be shifting the nature of luxury. It’s no longer about who made your dress, but at what out-of-the-way dusty market you found it. Call it the Eat, Pray, Love-ization of fashion.” So, we’re just replacing one symbol of privilege (a Marc Jacobs purse) with another (an expensive trip to Marrakesh)? In conclusion, you will never be in style if you’re poor. (WSJ)

• To raise money for the English National Ballet, Christian Louboutin has created a pair of eight-inch heels mimicking the shape of a pointe shoe. If you are wondering who would wear these, Beyoncé already rocked similar shoes in her video for “Green Light” because she is amazing and perfect. Mystery solved. (Grazia)

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