The Fashion Bomb News Breakdown: L’Uomo Vogue Rebrands Africa, Tyson Beckford Sex Tape Being Shopped, and Isabeli Fontana to Wed Rohan Marley


L’Uomo Vogue‘s May issue is dedicated entirely to the “rebranding of Africa,” showing a side of the continent different from the war-torn, poverty stricken representations we often see in the media. The issue celebrates Africa’s thriving culture– its artists, musicians, and of course, its growing fashion scene.

Cover model and UN secretary general Ban Ki-Moon, says “Africa does not need charity, Africa needs investment and partnership.” What do you think? (Fashionista)

Louis Vuitton is planning to produce stationery, so in addition to food and gas, you can pay too much for paper. (WWD)

Tyson Beckford admitted that he does indeed have a sex tape, but according to him it “sucks.” TMZ reports that someone is shopping around a tape of the male supermodel pleasuring himself for the entertainment of a female model, which doesn’t sound very titillating at all. You can’t say he didn’t warn us! (Global Grind/ TMZ)

• Model Isabeli Fontana is engaged to Rohan Marley. The two will wed in Ethiopia, because according to the twice divorced Fontana, “Rohan told me we have to return to the roots so the marriage will last forever.” And she believed him. Rohan Marley has fathered seven children, including the offspring of Lauryn Hill, with whom he was in an unmarried relationship for 15 years. (Vogue UK)

• So it seems my suspicions were correct, and it indeed was Kidult who defaced Marc Jacobs‘s Mercer Street store last week. But the story doesn’t end there. Kidult, who has graffitied his fair share of high-end boutiques, usually silkscreens a photo of his handiwork on t-shirts which he sells for $40 a pop. Not this time. Marc Jacobs is already selling t-shirts depicting the crime, charging a whopping $680 for each tee. The brand tweeted a photo of the shirt with the caption “Available now for $689. Signed by the artist, $680.” The shade! Kidult is, understandably, upset. The artist tweeted in response: “LET’S PLAY, but we don’t play by the same rules!!” (Global Grind)


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